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What is the program?
My Wellness Journey rewards you for taking simple steps to improve your wellness. You can earn even more as you climb the three Achievement Tiers.
Here's how you can earn rewards and climb the Achievement Tiers
All new patients start here


Attend first visit

Connect with Wellness Team

Complete three Wellness Goals


Complete Wellness Goal

Complete Wellness Goal

Complete Wellness Goal

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Try an educational class, event or mentoring opportunity

Complete Wellness Goal

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Introduction to Wellness Goals

Wellness Goals are simple activities that take as little as five minutes to complete
We have three Wellness Paths, each consisting of multiple goals to complete.

Eat Healthier
For goals related to improving nutrition and creating new healthy habits.
Get Active
For goals related to heart health, increased mobility or reaching a healthy weight.
Happier, Healthier You
For goals related to creating calm, improving outlook or building community.
Earn more rewards by achieving Wellness Goals

Wellness Goals

Choose a Wellness Goal to start your journey. Goals are grouped into Wellness Paths to help guide you to similar goals to try next.


You can earn a gift card each time you complete and submit a Wellness Goal. There's not a limit to the number of Wellness Goals you can achieve.
Earn up to
per year in total
reward value.
through tiers

You reach new tiers as you complete more Wellness Goals. Each tier unlocks additional benefits like events, classes and personalized mentoring.


*Each completed activity will qualify the participant for a separate gift card, with no individual gift card to exceed $15 in value. The total annual gift cards, awards, and other benefits offered by CenterWell will not exceed $75 for any patient. Eligibility is dependent on being a patient of CenterWell, and rewards earned will be awarded to the individual completing the activity. My Wellness Journey rewards have no cash value. This information is current at the time of distribution and is subject to change at the discretion of CenterWell. The program description is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract.
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